Weird sports betting questions

If Justin Bieber were in the NFL what would the over/ under be on time of him being crushed by Ray Lewis before he could yelp his way off the field? And if Beyonce were a cheerleader how much would you bet on a wardrobe malfunctioning happening? What would the odds be of the love child between Tiger Woods and Britney Spears filling all the holes? And while we are on the subject of Tiger, what IS the over/ under on holes he covered? What are the odds on Tiger putting more porn stars now that he “single” again.

What are the odds of Lebron James leaving the court in Cleveland unharmed once Miami visits his old team? What is the over/ under on Lebron complaints that he is just trying to “have fun”? (Perhaps he should ask Brett Favre’s advice on “having fun”.) How many games will the Heat play before realizing that the big 3 aren’t really that big and that a basketball team needs to run at least 9 deep. What is the over/under on stiffs on Miami’s team for next year?

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Bodog SportsbookWilliam Hill and Paddy Power

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