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NFL season lacks true super teams?

This is definitely one of those seasons where there’s no Unbeaten Countdown. There’s not even a consensus super team this year. It really seems as if parity has struck. Really? Well, if the Patriots get beaten badly by the Browns, who get beaten by the Steelers who then get slaughtered by the Patriots it seems parity is here.

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Broncos badly a while ago and now get trashed in similar fashion. Yeah, it really seems like the season of parity.

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King can’t even make up his mind on a #1 team this week. And even the Bills now have a win. And the Raiders? By not playing they are now the #1 in the AFC West! this is one crazy season to be sure.

Now, of course we do have several teams that are in a position to win the Superbowl and, despite all parity talk, they are three of the most successful teams of the decade: the Patriots, the Steelers and the Colts. What they have in common is a QB who has been in at least two Superbowls and have won at least one Superbowl ring.

Brady, Roethlisberger and Manning are still the top quarterbacks in the league and once the post season starts will be able to make up for a lot of the weaknesses their teams may have.

Amidst all this parity it is no coincidence that these quarterbacks have lead teir teams to 6-3 records (Manning & Roethlisberger) or a 7-2 record (Brady). Smart sports bettors know this and have already taken advantage.

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