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NBA Finals – Celtics – Lakers

Celtics-Lakers. Lakers-Celtics.

Is there anything more storied than the rivalry between the Lakers and the Celtics? These two franchises have combined to win 32 NBA titles. Many of the Celtics’ championship have come at the expense of the Lakers. And perhaps none included a more dominating clinched than game 6 in 2008 when the Celtics absolutely crushed the Lakers 131-92. In that year the Celtics were in year one of the Big Three experiment and were very dominant. The Lakers just rolled into the finals after a med season trade granted them Pau Gasol.

Now, in 2010 both teams somewhat stumbled into the post season, but both turned it “on” at the right time. Perhaps the Celtics have had a tougher road to the finals with wins over Miami, Cleveland and Orlando. The last two teams having the #1 and #2 regular season records.

The Lakers beat the upstart Thunder in round one, the sweeped the Jazz in round two and beat the Suns last night in the conference finals.

What will this year’s finals rematch bring? The Lakers want their 16th NBA title. The Celtics want their 18th banner. And the fans? all we heard during the conference finals were scores of “We want Boston” and “Beat LA”.

Who will win this match up? The answer could be golden.

Kobe Bryant dominated against the Suns

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