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FIFA World Cup 2010 – Nike Football Write the Future

The FIFA World Cup is almost here! One of the most amazing videos for this world cup is made by Nike with their “Write the future” commercial. It’s a beautiful portrayal of what we football fans go through during this tournament. The joy and disappointment of two opposing fan bases. To me it brought back so many memories of past matches.



NBA Finals – Celtics – Lakers

Celtics-Lakers. Lakers-Celtics.

Is there anything more storied than the rivalry between the Lakers and the Celtics? These two franchises have combined to win 32 NBA titles. Many of the Celtics’ championship have come at the expense of the Lakers. And perhaps none included a more dominating clinched than game 6 in 2008 when the Celtics absolutely crushed the Lakers 131-92. In that year the Celtics were in year one of the Big Three experiment and were very dominant. The Lakers just rolled into the finals after a med season trade granted them Pau Gasol.

Now, in 2010 both teams somewhat stumbled into the post season, but both turned it “on” at the right time. Perhaps the Celtics have had a tougher road to the finals with wins over Miami, Cleveland and Orlando. The last two teams having the #1 and #2 regular season records.

The Lakers beat the upstart Thunder in round one, the sweeped the Jazz in round two and beat the Suns last night in the conference finals.

What will this year’s finals rematch bring? The Lakers want their 16th NBA title. The Celtics want their 18th banner. And the fans? all we heard during the conference finals were scores of “We want Boston” and “Beat LA”.

Who will win this match up? The answer could be golden.

Kobe Bryant dominated against the Suns

NBA – Playoffs Conference Finals

Magic – Celtics Game 4

Hide the brooms! The sweep is no more! Instead of heading west to Hollywood, the Celtics are going back to Orlando. Orlando was able to  exert some magic and Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson stepped up for them this series. It also didn’t hurt that the Celtics reverted back to their inability to keep leads.  

Doc Rivers probably would like to see his team play like the behemoths who crushed the dreams of Cleveland. Stan van Gundy probably wouldn’t mind seeing this Boston team, a team that may have lost focus.

The momentum may be swinging in favor of the Magic now that the series shift back to Orlando. Game 4 should be a great game!

Vince Carter

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NBA – Playoffs Conference Finals

Lakers – Suns Game 3

Wow! That was a surprising outcome after two games in which the Suns had been thoroughly outplayed. The Lakers were about to sweep and the Suns were supposed to flame out. I guess we have a series now. In all fairness though, it doesn’t happen very often that Kobe Bryant has a near triple double and very effective game  and the Lakers lose that game. Truth of the matter is, a great individual performance is lost.

Perhaps this is what they mean by homecourt advantage: your players actually play well. Will Amar’e Stoudemire’s explosion at the offensive end call in a resurgence of the Suns? Will Robin Lopez continue to thrive and play with great intensity? Will this be over in 5 games or will it go the distance for 7 games?


The Sun's Lopez had a breakout game

MLB – American League watch out!

With the MLB season underway it will be interesting to see which teams will come out on top. CNNSI’s Tom Verducci is wondering if the AL is losing its domination.

“Over the past six years the AL is 839-671 vs. the NL — which translates into winning 56 percent of the games, or the equivalent of the average AL team playing like a 90-win club when it plays against NL teams.

But get this: AL superiority is about to be diminished, or even wiped out altogether. The NL has closed the talent gap on the AL and actually has a shot at winning interleague play, which begins tonight, for first time since 2003. Don’t believe it? Guess which league has averaged more runs per game one-quarter of the way through this season? That’s right, the league without the DH, the NL. The on-base and slugging percentages are nearly identical.”

It’s perhaps a bit early to make such statements, since the playoffs are far away. But predicting the eventual champion may become a lot more difficult.

Summer of Sports

It seems that some Spring and summers are really stacked when it comes to sports. This year we have the NBA finals, NHL Stanley Cup, French Open, Tour de France, Wimbledon, the FIFA World Cup and much more! The beauty of sports lies in its unpredictability and drama. Conquest and hardship battle with style, domination and spectacle. Whether athletes are in the MMA octagon, Staples Center or cycling in the mountains of France, this is one of the best times of the year to be a sports fan.

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